Untitled Poem

When did insults
Become jokes?
When did teasing
Become something to laugh at?

Because that boy you tease
For trying too hard in school
Needs a scholarship
In order to go to college
Since his family
Is barely getting by
In their tiny, cramped apartment
He strives for a better future
For himself and his family

Because that girl you pick on
For having dirty hair
And clothes too worn
Is in a foster home
Dealing with abandonment
And abuse
Full of troubles
You could never imagine

Because that boy
The one you and your friends
Make fun of during class
He lost his dad
Then his mom
Before he could even walk
Before he could even speak
Constantly questioning
The intentions of God
And why he
Should even be alive

Because everyone.
We all have problems
Hidden insecurities and issues
Some are much worse
Than others
But none of them
Deserve to be laughed at
So why don’t people think twice
Before calling names
And being cruel?
Why do we laugh
At insults and humiliations?
Especially because
That person,
The one being teased,
Could be you.



My family means a lot to me since they are the only ones who have always been there for me. I don’t know what my life would be like without my mom and sister in it. Some people in my family can be annoying but that does not stop us from spending time together.

My Mom: My mom is the nicest person I know. I am extremely proud to have her as my mom. She is strong and has been able to give up smoking. She is strong and independent. She is also the one who seems to hold my family together.

My Dad: I do not talk to my dad very much. We were close when I was a kid but ever since he and my mom got divorced, him and I have grown apart.

My Oldest Sister- I always looked up to her when I was a kid. She has overcome a lot of obstacles yet has never given up. She is the strongest person I know. She is still a role model to me. Her and I are very alike and spend time together often even though there is a large age gap. She knows more about me than anyone else. I trust her more than anyone and love her with all my heart.

My Other Sister- She moved to a different state after finishing college. We do not really talk and she has never seemed to care much about spending time with family. I still love her though and hope she is successful in her career.

My Brother- My little brother is kind of annoying. Teachers that have had him as a student would probably agree with me, too. We have been getting along better, though. I hope that we will grow closer as we get older.

My Cousin- My cousin and I have grown pretty close over the years. Since we are close to the same age, we have a lot in common. We try to hang out when we can but we are both very busy.


First, a steep incline
Seeming never ending
The sky almost in reach

A downward pull
Quick and holding the present
Of fear and whiplash

After the vision is no longer blurred
There is excitement and enjoyment
Happiness and appreciation

Seconds, maybe minutes
And then it is over
As if it never began


Photo Attribution:  Marriage is a Roller-Coaster by erikogan licensed under CC2.0

Commenting 101

This week’s “activity” for the blog challenge I am currently doing is creating a guide for writing comments.


What To Do:

  • Be supportive
  • Kindly add your opinion

Examples of Good Comments:

– Wow, amazing post! I really like [blank]!

– Your posts are really great! I especially like that [blank]!

(You could also recommend that they check out your blog sometime in your comment)

What NOT To Do:

  • Be negative
  • Be mean

Examples of Bad Comments:

– You are wrong because [blank]. This is stupid!

– Yawn! This is boring.

So commenting is really pretty easy. Just remember to be respectful, even if you don’t agree with the person’s opinion.