Why Cats are Better

I believe that cats are better than dogs. Most people disagree with me. So, why are cats better? Cats do not bug you like dogs do. Dogs will beg and beg for you to play with them, and give them attention, whereas cats will not. Cats (as long as they are declawed) do not tear things up like dogs do. When you have a dog, you could come home and find stuffing everywhere because your dog tore up a pillow or your little sister’s stuffed animal. Sometimes you can even come home to find out that your dog has chewed up your favorite pair of shoes. Cats, on the other hand, do not tear things up. Cats are more chill compared to dogs. A cat will sit with you while you watch episode after episode of your latest TV show obsession on Netflix, whereas a dog will usually get antsy , wanting to  play fetch or go for a walk. Plus, in my opinion, cats are cuter.


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