You broke down the walls
Slowly at first,
against resistance
But then all at once
With nothing holding you back

The forces were down
So you let yourself in
Initially, no harm came
But then a sharp turn
Devastation, destruction, desolation
Blood, a new red
The forces were down
The walls completely broken
So you let yourself in
And made everything shatter

But little did you know
That it was stronger
It build itself up
And began reconstruction
With highs and lows
It got there all the same
And what once was broken
Is now back again
Stronger than ever
Yet not back for revenge.

You thought you were better
A Jesus, a saint
That your destruction was for the better
Because in your eyes
Not you but it,
something out of no where to despise,
Was the problem
Because you felt superior
A blessed soul
But look in the mirror
And realize that what you see
Is exactly what you tried to obliterate

Yet again I may state
That there is no revenge
For what you have mistaken
As something lesser and inferior
May actually be superior
Or at least in moral and strength

For those walls that were once broken
Are now standing tall
Stronger than ever
Unbreakable to your touch
Only to others may it again fall


7 thoughts on “Reconstruction”

  1. This honestly pulled the strings to my heart. Its beautifully and well written. I especially like “Stronger than ever, yet not back for revenge” It shows that people can be good, even after being hurt. Check my blog out if you’d like.


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