Specks of Gray

There is black
And there is white
And as a kid
You are blind to
What is in between
But as you grow
You begin to see
That there are
Specks of gray
Life is not in
Black and white
Not everything can be defined
Good Bad Right Wrong
See those?
Those are spaces
Between good and bad
Between right and wrong
Life is gray


4 thoughts on “Specks of Gray”

  1. A while ago, on a German TV programme, a kid ran after his soccer ball in the background of an interview. The report was focused on refugees in Germany. Spontaneously the reporter asked the kid, a five year old, if he could come and answer a few questions. Kid said yes and came over.
    The reporter asked him how old he was and whether he was in kindergarden. The kid was very sweet about it. Then the reporter asked whether there were many refugees in the boy’s kindergarden. The boy thought about it for a second and answered: “No. In my kindergarden there are no refugees, only children.”

    Your post just reminded me of that interview.
    I am also a “gray specks” person. Nothing is as simple as it looks.
    Thank you for your great poem!

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  2. I can’t top forestdweller2017’s comment, but I feel a connection to our class novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Janie and Joe’s relationship. No one alone is at fault, so, grey.


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