My Childhood (In Spanish)

Cuando yo era niña yo vivía con mis padres y mis hermanos. Yo pasaba mucho tiempo con mi amiga Haley. Ella coleccionaba Polly Pockets y tenía una casa muy bonita. Yo tenía una gata y se llamaba Sparkle. Yo era atlética y inteligente. Yo jugaba fútbol cada año y estudiaba mucho para mis clases. Mi hermano me enseñaba cómo jugar béisbol y me gustaba mucho. Yo jugaba fútbol americano con mi hermano y sus amigos. No comprendía cómo jugar, pero me divertía. Yo veía la televisión mucho y comía mucha comida chatarra. Mi mamá cocinaba muchos postres deliciosos como galletas y brownies. Cuando yo tenía 10 años yo y mi familia salíamos de Ohio y íbamos a Florida para nuestras vacaciones. Hacíamos muchas cosas divertidas en Florida. Nosotros íbamos a Disney World y Universal Studios. Nosotros nadábamos mucho en Florida, también. Me portaba muy bien y yo era muy simpática.



Although I am 16, I still enjoy Halloween. Obviously I am too old to go trick-or-treating, but I still enjoy other aspects of the holiday. Even though I do not like scary movies, I like to watch the Halloween movies that I would watch as a kid, like Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus. I like to dress up with my friends and hang out with them, while we pass out candy (and eat some of the candy). We enjoy seeing the different costumes that the kids wear. Some people may think that high schoolers are too old to enjoy Halloween, but I think you can enjoy Halloween at any age.

Homecoming. Why not?

I believe that Homecoming is something you should go to at least once while you are in high school. It can be fun, whether you are going with a date or with friends. Freshman year I went with a group of friends and although none of us had dates, we all had fun. Then my sophomore year I went with a date. It was fun, too. I plan on going this year as well. I understand that some people may be against Homecoming, but I think that they should at least give it a try. You can always have a good time when you are hanging out with you friends!

Why Cats are Better

I believe that cats are better than dogs. Most people disagree with me. So, why are cats better? Cats do not bug you like dogs do. Dogs will beg and beg for you to play with them, and give them attention, whereas cats will not. Cats (as long as they are declawed) do not tear things up like dogs do. When you have a dog, you could come home and find stuffing everywhere because your dog tore up a pillow or your little sister’s stuffed animal. Sometimes you can even come home to find out that your dog has chewed up your favorite pair of shoes. Cats, on the other hand, do not tear things up. Cats are more chill compared to dogs. A cat will sit with you while you watch episode after episode of your latest TV show obsession on Netflix, whereas a dog will usually get antsy , wanting to  play fetch or go for a walk. Plus, in my opinion, cats are cuter.

The Fear of Change

People do not like change because they fear the uncertainty that comes with it. Not knowing what is going to happen can be scary, but change is necessary in order for things to succeed. Without change, people and communities are not able to evolve and grow. People need to stop worrying about how unpredictable the future is. They need to allow change to happen, rather than resist it.

Is Cheerleading a Sport?

The controversy of whether or not high school cheerleading (and cheerleading in general) is a sport has been around for decades. Obviously cheerleaders would argue that it is a sport, but what does everyone else think? A sport is defined as, “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment”. When cheerleaders compete with others it can be considered a sport but when they cheer at football and basketball games it cannot, since they are not competing. If cheerleaders were to focus solely on competitive cheerleading, rather than cheering at the football and basketball games, they would have more people viewing cheerleading as a sport.

Is Divorce Always Negative?

Most people view divorce as a bad thing but divorce helped improve things for my family. My parents got divorced when I was in the 6th grade. Before that, they had never seemed “happily married” and I remember there being a lot of yelling and arguing. Being a little kid, I did not really understand why they were always arguing. For example, I remember the time my dad had bought a motorcycle without consulting my mom. I was about 10 when my dad had came home with the new vehicle. My mom’s face was a mix of anger and shock. She and my dad had argued for what seemed like hours. I could tell that they were trying to be quiet by arguing in harsh whispers but at times their voices rose from anger. I had stayed in my room the entire time, trying to distract myself from the dispute by watching TV.

It was not long after that argument that my parents divorced and my dad moved out. At first it was difficult to adjust to my parents being apart but once I got used to it I saw how much happier they were. There was a lot less yelling and arguing, too. Things have continued to improve over the last few years. For example, last April my dad came over to take pictures before I went to prom. I could tell it was a little uncomfortable for them to be in the same room but they got along well. They were even able to have a conversation with one another. Although it might not sound perfect, it was a lot better than them bickering with each other.

Divorce ameliorated my family. It made my parents happier and less angry with one another. They have been able to be friendly towards each other since they are no longer married. Although my dad no longer lives with us, I am still able to spend time with him. There have not really been any negatives effects from my parents getting divorced. It has only made things better.  

Photo Attribution: “divorce” by Tony Guyton is shared under CC2.0