My family means a lot to me since they are the only ones who have always been there for me. I don’t know what my life would be like without my mom and sister in it. Some people in my family can be annoying but that does not stop us from spending time together.

My Mom: My mom is the nicest person I know. I am extremely proud to have her as my mom. She is strong and has been able to give up smoking. She is strong and independent. She is also the one who seems to hold my family together.

My Dad: I do not talk to my dad very much. We were close when I was a kid but ever since he and my mom got divorced, him and I have grown apart.

My Oldest Sister- I always looked up to her when I was a kid. She has overcome a lot of obstacles yet has never given up. She is the strongest person I know. She is still a role model to me. Her and I are very alike and spend time together often even though there is a large age gap. She knows more about me than anyone else. I trust her more than anyone and love her with all my heart.

My Other Sister- She moved to a different state after finishing college. We do not really talk and she has never seemed to care much about spending time with family. I still love her though and hope she is successful in her career.

My Brother- My little brother is kind of annoying. Teachers that have had him as a student would probably agree with me, too. We have been getting along better, though. I hope that we will grow closer as we get older.

My Cousin- My cousin and I have grown pretty close over the years. Since we are close to the same age, we have a lot in common. We try to hang out when we can but we are both very busy.


Fast Asleep

A baby lies
Fast asleep

A harsh reality ensues
A maelstrom of anger and hate
A pandemonium of noise
Loud, yet whispered

Sharp, cutting, malicious
That cannot be taken back
Despite influence
Despite all else

But still
The baby sleeps

Food and Family

Thanksgiving is the day of giving thanks. To most, it is also the day of eating so much food that you feel like you’re going to explode. Every family has different recipes and traditions. My family’s Thanksgiving dinner usually consists of turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, corn casserole, cranberries, and pie. We usually try a new recipe or two every year as well. We used to have a huge Thanksgiving dinner with the entire family but over the years people started moving away, unable to come. Now, only about half of my family shows up and we eat “dinner” around noon so we can go shopping. I miss the way Thanksgiving was when I was a kid.

Is Divorce Always Negative?

Most people view divorce as a bad thing but divorce helped improve things for my family. My parents got divorced when I was in the 6th grade. Before that, they had never seemed “happily married” and I remember there being a lot of yelling and arguing. Being a little kid, I did not really understand why they were always arguing. For example, I remember the time my dad had bought a motorcycle without consulting my mom. I was about 10 when my dad had came home with the new vehicle. My mom’s face was a mix of anger and shock. She and my dad had argued for what seemed like hours. I could tell that they were trying to be quiet by arguing in harsh whispers but at times their voices rose from anger. I had stayed in my room the entire time, trying to distract myself from the dispute by watching TV.

It was not long after that argument that my parents divorced and my dad moved out. At first it was difficult to adjust to my parents being apart but once I got used to it I saw how much happier they were. There was a lot less yelling and arguing, too. Things have continued to improve over the last few years. For example, last April my dad came over to take pictures before I went to prom. I could tell it was a little uncomfortable for them to be in the same room but they got along well. They were even able to have a conversation with one another. Although it might not sound perfect, it was a lot better than them bickering with each other.

Divorce ameliorated my family. It made my parents happier and less angry with one another. They have been able to be friendly towards each other since they are no longer married. Although my dad no longer lives with us, I am still able to spend time with him. There have not really been any negatives effects from my parents getting divorced. It has only made things better.  

Photo Attribution: “divorce” by Tony Guyton is shared under CC2.0