Concealed Fragility

Metal, sturdy and strong,
Cracks like glass
An allusion
That went unnoticed
To those who did not bother
To get a closer look

Unattended and abandoned
Fragments now lay
Forever broken


A Desire to Travel

I want to travel the world and learn about other cultures. There is so much more to the world than just the United States. The problem is that traveling takes time and money and I have little of either. I hope to someday explore the world but right now all I can do is wait. But while I wait, I am looking into hosting a foreign exchange student through AFS for next year. I think it would be a lot of fun and a great experience!

Forced to Grow Up

As children, we only regurgitate what our parents tell us. We believe every word they say without question. As we grow older and become teenagers we start to cultivate our own opinions. We start to learn arguments that go against the points of view our parents have. Sometimes we even agree with these viewpoints. We learn about the problems that our parents once shielded from us. Poverty. Murder. War. Starvation. Death. We stop being oblivious. We become less naive. We become adults. Along with all the other problems with being a teenager, you are forced to realize what the world is really like. You are forced to grow up.